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The Same Circle is a contemporary jewelry line founded by sisters, Cara & Mia Geswelli, and inspired by their love for pretty, shiny things, taking after their father, a fine jewelry artist. In 2020, Cara began joining her father’s weekly visits to the 47th Street Diamond District in NYC, scoping out all the jewels, gems and everything in between and connecting with the many merchants who each had a different story to tell about the origin of their pieces. Invigorated by these visits, Cara set up shop in her Florida apartment and began assembling her own pieces by hand, while bouncing ideas off of Mia, who seemingly always has her finger on the pulse of what is trending. While the pair of siblings tend to be different when it comes to their likes and personality, they consider themselves strongly connected in spirit and have found common ground in the art of jewelry they’ve created that is both easily wearable and fashion forward.

In 2022, the sisters came together to put pen to paper and turn a dream into a reality. They launched The Same Circle with the intent to create connections between jewelry and people, emphasizing the commonalities amongst one another in some way, shape, or form.

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